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From Grafton in the south to Tweed Heads in New South Wales’ far north, the Northern Rivers is blessed with a remarkably hospitable climate.

Warm rains nourish the countryside, putting the “green” into the “rolling green hills” and the crisp inland mornings of winter bring just enough chill to define the seasons.

The weather is idyllic and with 300 kilometres of magical coastline, vast meandering rivers, shimmering lakes and cascading mountain streams, the Northern Rivers is an aquatic playground for fisher folk, surfers, sailors, paddlers and water babies of all ages.

Among the rugged headlands, sheltered bays and beaches you’ll find colourful resorts where you can skip from the sand to a stylish beachfront café and secluded coves where the rainforest meets the sea and the only footprints are your own.

  It’s a place of astounding abundance, where the fertile soils and mild subtropical climate yield a rich harvest of amazing farm produce… where native forests, heathlands and wildlife flourish in the spectacular volcanic terrain. Six of Australia’s precious World Heritage Listed areas can be found here, as well as dozens of smaller parks, nature reserves, rainforest remnants and State Forests – enough natural wonders to enthrall and delight the most ardent ecotourist.

Experience the breathtaking majesty of a primordial rainforest or marvel at the teeming wildlife of our coastal heaths and dunes… take a 4WD trek into a mountain wilderness or a leisurely stroll through a towering palm forest.

Scattered throughout the Northern Rivers are dozens of delightful towns, villages, and rural hamlets. There are classic country pubs and cafés and an abundance of fetes, fairs and festivals.